In 2019 I started a YouTube channel on web development (in German). Today, the channel has 1190 subscribers and 137 published videos.

My latest video:

thumbnail of latest video: Kollaborativen Texteditor programmieren mit Node.js, Express, Vanilla JS,, MongoDB

On my channel I usually do not talk about one concept per video, what most other channels do. Instead, I focus on full projects, which therefore cover several concepts and pieces of technology and also put them more into context. These kinds of videos motivated and helped me a lot when I started my journey in web development, which is also why I like to produce these.

I also choose a rather slow-paced approach, explaining everything step by step, so that also newbies should be able to follow. On the other hand, I also use my YouTube channel to document my learnings. Both the preparation and the recording of a video improve my understanding of the subject. This is also why the videos started with rather basic Vanilla JavaScript projects in 2019 and nowadays present full stack applications with SvelteKit.

I decided to do the channel in German (my native language), for the sole reason that there are already lots of very good channels in English, but only a few in German. Many people have asked me to change to English or make subtitles. Sorry, but I will not do that. There is a place for YouTube channels in every language. If you want good English content, please check out the channels by Dave Gray, Traversy Media, Kevin Powell, Web Dev Simplified, and The Net Ninja, for example.

You can always check out the code which I link in the video description. Of course, the code has English variable names, and the README also often includes some pieces of explanation.

Since March 2024, I also create videos for the channel Cube Raccoon which is dedicated to twisty puzzles.