Translations of web development terms


This project had two goals:

  • I wanted to try out Astro and its island architecture in particular.
  • I wanted to gather German translations of terms that are commonly used in web development.

Astro fits very well here because most of the content is static.

Many native German speakers, including myself, just use English words, even when German words are available ("checkbox" = "Kontrollkästchen"), or mix them up with German words ("Defaultwert").

To differentiate the quality of the translations, each translation is rated with one of four options:

  1. available and used very often
  2. available but used only rarely
  3. I came up with a translation
  4. translation is missing

Contributions are welcome! I would like to make this list more complete over time.

  • Astro
  • Data visualization
  • Svelte
  • Tool
  • Tutorial
  • TypeScript