Comparison of 7 JavaScript frameworks


This is the very same shopping list as a single-page application coded with several JavaScript frameworks to compare them concerning developer experience and bundle size: Vanilla JS, Svelte, React, SolidJS, Vue, Lit, and Alpine. This is a great way to experience the similarities and differences between these frameworks.

As expected, Vanilla JavaScript (which is strictly speaking not a framework, but has to be included here) has the smallest bundle size but is a bit clumsy to write. As for the rest, Svelte is very good, whereas React is really bad. See the project's README for more details and numbers.

This project is partly inspired by Fireship's Comparison of 10 JavaScript frameworks, where a more basic to-do app with just one component has been used for comparison.

  • Alpine
  • Lit
  • React
  • SolidJS
  • Svelte
  • Vanilla JS
  • Vue